New Research Studies – December 2012

New Research Studies – December 2012


Galloway Research is currently looking for participants in the San Antonio, Texas area for upcoming opinion research discussions regarding a variety of different topics. Sessions will last 1.5-2 hours and participants will receive between $60 to $150 cash for their opinions depending on the session topic and length.

Discussion topics include the following.

  • Drinks (closed) ($100 Incentive)
  • Healthcare Services ($100 Incentive)
  • Electronics ($85 Incentive)
  • Restaurant/Taste Test ($60 Incentive)
  • Entertainment ($85 Incentive)

If you are interested in participating please visit the following link to answer a few short questions for qualification purposes. Your answers will remain confidential and will never be used for sales purposes. All individuals completing the short questionnaire below will be entered into a drawing for (2) $100 Cash Prizes.

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