Why Join?

You will have the opportunity to…

  • Share your opinions with people that have the power to make changes
  • Influence new product development
  • Improve existing products and services
  • Test new products before they are on the market
  • be part of an influential group with your participation

Receive Cash for your opinions!

The Galloway Research Opinion Panel is hosted and managed by Galloway Research Service, Inc. With almost 50 years of conducting market and opinion research in the United States. The companies we work with spend millions of dollars to hear what consumers just like you have to say about their products and services.

At Galloway Research we work closely with large and small, local and national corporations, private and non private, nonprofit and government entities. Our opinion panel provides a connection between you and those corporations to provide insight to improve products and services those companies provide. Members of our panel share their opinions with the people who have the power to make changes. They influence new product development, improve services and best of all they receive money for sharing their opinions.

We Value Consumer Opinions

As a member of our opinion panel you will be occasionally asked to participate in one of our market research projects. The different types of consumer research studies we conduct are

  • Online Surveys
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • 1-on-1 Interviews
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Shop Along Interviews

Its Painless

Typically our in-person interviews and online discussions last from one to two hours. Participants in these sessions generally receive $75 to $150 for their time depending on the length and study topic. Our telephone interviews typically last about 30-45 minutes and participants receive $50 to $75.

Sales?, absolutely not

As market researchers we are only interested in your opinions. Any information you provide us will only used for opinion research and will never be sold without your permission.  Our professionally trained interviewers will never try to sell you a product.